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Premier Fly Fishing Adventures, Kamchatka, Russia & Alaska, USA



For over 30 years, Ultimate Rivers and affiliates have provided "cutting edge"  wilderness fly fishing experiences on the most remote, pristine and productive waters of Alaska and Russia's Far East. We also publish definitive references for the tourist trade on the spectacular sports fishing  and wildlife attractions of America's Last Frontier and the Kamchatka Peninsula. If you are contemplating an ultimate coldwater fly fishing vacation, please check out our services and publications. Let us help make that dream trip of a lifetime come true!

Contact Information                                                                                              

World Headquarters
Mile 272 & 1/2 Parks Hwy
        PO Box 15
Healy, Alaska USA 99743
Russia Branch Office
41 Viliuskaya Street
Petropavlovsk, Kamchatka
Russia 68003
Electronic mail
General Information:
Sales: Rene Limeres & Goo Vogt
Customer Support: Chichi Mendez


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